Vi välkomnar Dr. Phillipa Hardman till Learning Conference (och till Sverige)!
Hem EVENT Välkommen Dr. Phillipa Hardman till Learning Conference (och till Sverige)!

Välkommen Dr. Phillipa Hardman till Learning Conference (och till Sverige)!

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  • Founder of DOMS – a sector-leading learning experience design process, powered by learning science + AI.

  • Affiliated scholar at the University of Cambridge.

  • Thought-leader in the field of learning science, AI and education with 14K+ followers on LinkedIn.

  • Expert consultant and advisor to leading L&D teams, including GSK & Mercedes Benz.

    Den 21 sep hittar du Dr Phillipa Hardman på Learning Conference-scenen där hon pratar om:

    Unleashing the Power of AI in Learning & Development: A Roadmap

    Part 1: The Status Quo

    • Workplace training is more expensive to design & deliver than ever before, and the costs continue to rise.
    • The demand for skills is rapidly changing, and the need for re-skilling, up-skilling and industry-relevant education has never been more urgent. According to the World Economic Forum, half of all employees will need re-skilling by 2025, while closing the global skills gap could add an estimated $11.5 trillion to global GDP by 2028.


    • The traditional “PPT and talk” training approach has proved ineffective.
    • The traditional ”one size fits all” approach to training is no longer sufficient.
    • Most “adaptive and personalised” online platforms have failed to meet their promise.
    • Wicked L&D problems continue on the ground:
      • Engaging and impacting the workforce.
      • Assessing the needs of a diverse workforce.
      • Mapping workforce needs to the best fit, highest-leverage learning interventions.
      • Building and delivering interventions rapidly enough to meet needs and drive continuous employee growth.
      • Measuring the effectiveness & RoI of learning interventions.

    Part 2: The Cross Roads
    We will explore my prediction that we are about to enter a new era of AI-powered workplace training. Adapting to this new era will create winners and losers.

    • The losers:
      • will ignore AI and cling to outdated modes & methods of training;
      • will use AI to make us more efficient at building ineffective training, e.g. rapid content creation & automated quiz generation.
    • The winners: will leverage the combined power of AI + learning science to create hyper-personalised learning experiences capable of developing and measuring changes to knowledge, skills & behaviours.

    Part 3: The Vision
    We will imagine a not too distant future and ask if and how AI can solve some of L&D’s most wicked problems, including:

    • Mapping needs to best-fit learning interventions – aka the introduction of data + learning science in L&D.
    • Measuring the effectiveness & RoI of learning programs – aka the introduction of data-driven analysis & learning design.
    • Delivering continuous, hyper-personalised, hyper-supported learning experiences – aka an AI-coach for every employee.
    • An AI-powered ecosystem of employee skills verification – aka a new way to think about employee growth, talent sourcing & recruitment.

    Part 4: The Roadmap

    • What is required in order not to fall behind? E.g. how to keep up to date with latest technologies; big questions for L&D strategies.
    • Immediate term: how can we make use of AI today? Incl. case studies & impact stats from early adopters in L&D.
Vi välkomnar Dr. Phillipa Hardman till Learning Conference (och till Sverige)!Missa inte chansen att lyssna på Dr Phillipa Hardman när hon är i Sverige! Boka din biljett nu på…

Vi ses på Sergel Hub, Stockholm, den 20-21 september!
Learning Conference 2023 – den självklara mötesplatsen för livslångt lärande.









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